2018, installation & documentary

Unmasc is an installation piece and a documentary that explores toxic masculinity and how it harms people in our society at large. This piece challenges traditional ideas of masculinity by including portraits of people from different identities allowing them to share their stories of how toxic masculinity has affected them throughout their lives.

In today’s culture, the idea of what makes a man is geared towards dominance and control. This model of manhood views women and the LGBTQ+ community as inferior, views sex as an action (not of affection rather domination), and uses violence as a tool to prove one’s self to the world. Throughout childhood men are often taught to hide their emotions, be wealthy, and inherent sexually desirable traits to be considered “a man”. Through this, men are encouraged to follow toxic behaviors and consequentially they become harmful to themselves and others. Unmasc operates under the premise that it is important that people talk about how toxic masculinity affects them. In doing so we can then cultivate a culture were men have the ability to grow up without toxic expectations that do not allow them to be who they are.